Liquid Silica Gel A B for Silicone Bra Breast Raw Material of Artificial Breast

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Dongguan Shengsai Machinery Co.,Ltd is capable of supplying silica gel AB materials, machines and molds to our customer as turnkey solution supplier in silica gel products industry, including material and technology workmanship output.

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Liquid Silica Gel A B for Silicone Bra Breast Raw Material of Artificial Breast (802A/B)
Silica gel is a kind of very soft low crosslinking density and molding silicone rubber, vulcanizing before is low viscosity liquid, gel after vulcanization has general characteristics and molding silicone rubber, due to the characteristics of soft, so it has good shock absorption moisture resistance adhesive and seal, at the same time in a fairly wide range of temperature and humidity, it has excellent dielectric insulation;And because this silicon gel has a very soft and good return elasticity, high health grade, so it is also a good material for bra underwear.

1, two-component system, easy to use;Heating curing, curing time can be adjusted according to different temperature;Before curing is low viscosity silicone oil, after curing is a gel elastomer;
2. Mix the A/B components in A 1:1 ratio
3. After mixing, the glue is foamed under vacuum and vacuumed for a few minutes
4. Bake for 10 minutes at about 150 degrees after foam
5. After mixing, the operation time is 8–12 hours at 25 degrees to avoid curing.
6. A for colorless transparent liquid, B agent can be adjusted into various colors according to requirements.

Dongguan Shengsai Machinery Co.,Ltd has been dedicated in research and development, production, sales in one of the high-tech enterprises. Specializing in the production of silicone polymer materials, the main products are: dimethyl silicone oil, vinyl silicone oil, daily chemical silicone oil, silicone gel and adhesive, liquid silica gel. Our products are widely used in daily chemical products, feminine products, baby products, personal care products, electronic products, textile products and other industries and fields.
we have established two production bases in Dongguan, Guangdong Province and Guiyang, Hunan Province, and has formed a complete production chain from primary raw materials to applied raw materials. With advanced silicone laboratory and professional technical team, long-term commitment to the development and application of silicone materials, the implementation of strict production standards and quality system, all products have passed the SGS test, in line with RoHS, FDA, LFGB standards.

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