Hot Melt Gluing System Platform

Short Description:

Hot Melt Gluing System Platform

Application: Suitable for coating compound, maternal and child products, book binding, packaging industry, automobile industry, furniture assembly, printing industry, filter, medical and health, etc

Main specification:

  • Application: Glue Melting & Pumping
  • Glue Tank Volume: 10 Liters
  • Motor Power: 4.4 Kilowatts
  • Pumping Mode: High Precision Metering Pump
  • Max. Operation Temperature: 250 ℃
  • Max. Viscosity: 30000CPS
  • Power Supply: 220V/50HZ
  • Glue Melting Speed: 15KG/H
  • Tem. Tube & Sprayer Qty: 1-2 pcs
  • Machine Dimension: 780*360*460mm
  • Weight: 66KG
  • Product Detail

    Machine photo:

    Three shafts machine specifications

    X shaft (left and right)    1000mm with stepping motor+belt direct guide rail(lead screw and servo)

    Y haft (front and rear)    1000mm with stepping motor+belt direct guide rail(lead screw and servo)

    Z shaft (up and down)    100mm with stepping motor+belt direct guide rail(lead screw and servo)

    Horizontal gear pump hot melt adhesive machine features:

    1. Intelligent temperature control system, reliable and stable quality, heating elements and temperature sensors are imported brands, temperature control can be accurate to plus or minus 0.1 degrees, so that hot melt adhesive uniform heat, no colorchange, no carbonization, do not change the original hot melt adhesive good chemical and physical properties.

    2. glue tank adopts integrated precision casting, with high heat conduction efficiency, even heat transfer, and glue is not easy to carbonize. many manufacturers generally use aluminum plate welding, its poor thermal conductivity, high energy consumption, slow heat transfer and long melting time.

    3. Progressive pre-heating cylinder design, first-in, first-melt, internal coating imported dupont teflon anti-adhesion coating, energy consumption is small, reduce the phenomenon of glue carbonization, can maintain the best quality of glue.The heating method of rubber drum adopts double layer heating. Rubber drum and rubber road plate, two-stage heating, heating rate will be faster, and heating is more uniform.

    4. Heat preservation standby setting function, can set the heat preservation temperature according to the actual production requirements, prevent glue carbonization, reduce power loss, shorten the heating time due to shift change.

    5. It has the protection function of temperature overtemperature alarm and power failure. The overtemperature value of 1-50 degrees can be freely adjusted.Taibang motor and frequency converter are adopted, electrical components are imported joint venture brand.

    6. The program timing switch function, i.e. 7 days time control function, can be installed according to customer requirements.The machine can be automatically run and shut down according to workers' working hours.

    7. Double-layer 100-mesh filter screen is adopted to reduce nozzle blockage, and the new guiding reflux device makes the glue pressure adjustment more accurate and stable.

    8. Frame shell design, sheet metal is processed by imported CNC laser cutting machine, the assembly and connection of sheet metal parts of the whole machine is more precise and beautiful, and convenient for repair and maintenance.Glue machine sheet metal for the thickness of 1.5mm cold plate, plastic spraying, the bottom plate is 3mm cold plate.

    9. High precision imported gear pump is adopted to stabilize the output of rubber volume and pressure, and the pump body is made of imported high-speed steel heat treatment, which extends the service life of the pump, greatly reduces the maintenance cost of customers, and improves the production efficiency.

    10. Frequency converter overload protection function, when the actual temperature of the glue tank does not reach the set temperature value, motor does not work, play a protective role, extend the service life of the equipment and avoid the economic losses caused by the abnormal operation of employees.

    11. With the function of quantifying glue, the encoder automatically tracks the length of glue spraying, compensates the glue amount, and adds glue to the liquid level

    12. Adopt the circuit design in line with the European Union standard, with the function of automatic leakage shutdown protection, which makes the whole equipment safer to use. For voltage detection, it has the function of voltage overvoltage andcurrent overcurrent protection, which can prevent the equipment system from being damaged due to sudden high voltage.With current and voltage protection and other functions.

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