High Frequency Fiber Spray Gun 25mm-100mm width customizable

Short Description:

Hot melt adhesive fiber gun is widely used in sanitary products (diapers, sanitary napkin and so on the disposable products), air filter, non-woven composite, product assembly, garment, don’t stick, packaging industry, carton packaging, cigarette case, wine box, gift boxes, glasses boxes, craft boxes, jewelry box, color box packaging adhesive glue point on adhesive glue), coating composite industry (trademark paper, label double-sided tape,Medical breathable tape), product assembly (home appliances, furniture laminating, wire and cable) automotive industry (interior sealing, lamp manufacturing, windshield assembly) book binding field and other industries.

Product Detail

High Frequency Fiber Spray Gun 25mm-100mm width customizable

Fiber gun is a precision, atomizing effect of glue gun.With accurate amount of spray glue, equipped with imported solenoid valve and tight filter, not easy to block, not easy to deform.Used in non-woven fabric industry and sanitary products industry

Main specifications:
1. Unique design of air opening and closing with imported solenoid valve makes the working frequency up to 800 times/min.
2. It is designed by melt spraying technology applied in non-woven fabric industry, with the same composite strength and only 30% of the amount of glue used in spiral spraying method.
3. It can break the glue at medium and high speed or spray the glue continuously. Sprayed glue is fibrous, fine, strong, evenly distributed and impermeable.
4, High strength wear-resistant stainless steel nozzle, strong durability, multi-layer filtration technology, to prevent blockage to the greatest extent.Fiber spray sheet adopts eight combined atomization technology, so that the hot melt adhesive atomization is finer.
5, spray width of 300mm, edge control in ±2. 0MM; Other spray width can be customized.
6, according to user needs to modify the electrical interface, it can be connected to all brands of hot melt glue machines.
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1. Precision unique fiber nozzle design, reasonable and simple structure, easy to clean.
2. Accurate control of the amount of spraying glue and excellent atomization effect make the non-woven fabric and perforated film spray glue without reverse osmotic phenomenon.
3, Reasonable, flexible filter design, effectively reduce the nozzle clogging phenomenon, is conducive to cleaning.
4, Flexible nozzle combination, accurate spray position, according to the requirements, can be adjusted at any time different spray width.
5, the fiber nozzle is made of stainless steel and stainless steel sheet, durable, not easy to deformation.
6, high temperature resistant imported MAC solenoid valve effectively and accurately control the spray glue broken glue.

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