Automatic S-100NE High Frequency Spiral Spraying Gun

Short Description:

The automatic hot melt glue spiral spraying gun adopts the technology of air turn on and off, and the effect of shutdown is good. Spiral spray glue method, spray glue quantity is less, spray area is large, a lot of saving hot melt glue, material bonding effect is good.

Product Detail

Automatic S-100NE High Frequency Spiral Spraying Gun

Main specifications:
1. Unique design of air opening and closing with imported solenoid valve makes the working frequency up to 800 times/min.
2. It is designed by melt spraying technology applied in non-woven fabric industry, with the same composite strength and only 30% of the amount of glue used in spiral spraying method.
3. It can break the glue at medium and high speed or spray the glue continuously. Sprayed glue is fibrous, fine, strong, evenly distributed and impermeable.
4. High strength wear-resistant stainless steel nozzle, strong durability, multi-layer filtration technology, to prevent blockage to the greatest extent.Fiber spray sheet adopts eight combined atomization technology, so that the hot melt adhesive atomization is finer.
5. spray width of 300mm, edge control in ±2. 0MM; Other spray width can be customized.
6. according to user needs to modify the electrical interface, it can be connected to all brands of hot melt glue machines.

Automatic hot melt glue gun – spiral spraying gun characteristics:
1. Adopt precision module, imported material wear-resisting, straight top technology, clean broken glue.
2. Adopt active gas on and off design, the reaction speed is sensitive and reliable, and ensure to provide accurate effect of turning off.
3. Built-in unique filter screen design, good filtering effect, can reduce the fault caused by blocking the nozzle.
4. The brand seal components ensure the stable operation of the gun body, durable and lasting.
5. Multiple modules of spiral gun can be customized according to the scope of glue spraying, and the scope of glue spraying can be expanded.
6. The spray speed is adjustable, which can work continuously for 24 hours.
7. precision module design and manual switch design, to provide precise breaking effect.
8. flexible and diverse nozzles, precision machining, but also according to various requirements of different specifications of the nozzles to adapt to different production lines.
9. 3, Unique filter screen design, filter effect is good, easy to clean and replace.Nozzles are not easily clogged.
10. Unique protective design can prevent the operator from being scalded carelessly when working.
11. universal joint combined with European advanced technology, easy operation, durable.

It can be modified/compatible for nearly all brands of different manufacturers of hot melt adhesive machines around the world.

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